A big well done to Florin, Armapreet and Sukhdeep for winning the Kelly Heroes reward for January 2023. They each receive a £50 gift pay voucher. Keep up the good work!" - Barry Maguire (Project Manager) 

(Left) Florin Lautaru -Shutter carpenter Nominated by Vlad Antochi (Pit Boss) who said "He deserves this for his extraordinary commitment especially on the pour days, being proactive all the time, showing good control of things under pressure and working safe.

(Centre) Armapreet Singh- Concrete Operative (Pit Bottom) Nominated by Bobby Cosma (Pit Boss) who said "He deserves this for working at pit bottom, he’s takes on everything asked of him, nonstop until till break, never one to complain about anything. He's proactive and can be trusted to get the job done safely. It's been a big help having someone with those qualities"

(Right) Sukhdeep Singh- Shuttering carpenter Nominated by Peter Isopescu (Pit Boss) who said "Sukhdeep is a hardworking operative who always able to take the lead. He has good knowledge and with that he also helps others. He works safely and calmly through all aspects of work"

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