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I am writing to thank Kelly Formwork's good progress at London City Airport. Your team have made very good progress on site, the slab works in P1 are complete and your team are currently pouring up to 1500sqm of slab per day on the main deck. They have adopted to site and weather conditions in order to maximise production and the main deck in now 50% complete. Thank you for your personal drive in acheving this, and your team should be thanked and recognised for their great efforts on site. 

We are aware that this remains a challenging scheme for all parties so we trust that you and your team enjoy a well-deserved break over the Christmas period and we look forward to Kelly Formwork returning with a renewed drive to complete the works in the new year.

Dan Hockey, Project Director. Bam Nuttall, London City Airport



I would like to thank you for you and your staffs efforts that resulted in the successful opening of the WIT platform level at 18:06 yesterday evening. This was a fantastic team effort and it was great to see that, despite the enormous pressure, there were no raised voices or unsafe behaviours and everyone got stuck in to deliver well ahead of schedule.

The Network Rail station manager is delighted with his station and said last night, ‘The UK’s biggest station just got Bigger’.  This morning’s first train arrivals and departures were all on schedule without any issues, there were lots of smiling faces from the Network Rail staff, train operators and most importantly the public.  We would not have been able to do this without your teams support.  Christian and Marius are real stars and worked extremely hard to do these works and did so with a smile on their face!

The ALT and our client,  Steve Walters, have all sent their thanks for a great team effort with such a successful outcome. We have also had a call from Thomas Faulkner, Skanska’s Executive Vice President, congratulating us on the achievement of this major milestone and the great team effort that delivered ahead of schedule.

On a personal note, I would like to thank you all for your support that enabled us to achieve this key milestone.



Derek van Rensburg

Lead Delivery

Wessex Capacity Alliance

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