We recognise the impact worker fatigue has on our employees.

Fatigue is more than simply feeling tired, it is an overwhelming and ongoing state of mental and/or physical exhaustion. Construction workers are at a much greater risk of fatigue due to the nature of the working conditions, shift patterns and types of labour involved in the industry. Whilst we understand that the risk of having micro sleeps during the working day is low, the major risk comes at the end of the day when our people are travelling home, therefore, it is imperative that fatigue is addressed like any other workplace hazard through management and control.

Fatigue is not only detrimental to the health and safety of the workforce, but to the prosperity of business. Fatigue can lead to poor work performance, reduced productivity, slower progress and delays. Tackling fatigue not only improves health and safety, but is financially beneficial, by reducing absenteeism and presenteeism, decreasing lost-time incidents, reducing the risk of accidents, and improving workplace efficiency.

In order to help combat fatigue, we have invested in a cloud-based fatigue management system designed to keep our workforce compliant and safe. The system allows us to plan, roster and monitor employee door-to-door times, on site hours as well as report and address in real-time any potential fatigue issues with our workers.

We are currently using the new management system with our client Skanska on our M42 Highways project and intend to role out on other projects in due course. 




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